Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bread Love & Dreams - Amaryllis (1971)

Super rare 1971 mystical psych / progressive folk album originally released on Decca Records.This is a pleasant folk-rock album with psychedelic overtones and a noticible 'flower-power' influence played on flutes,keyboards and guitars with nice male/female vocals.


Jon said...

Am interested in hearing this, but the link appears not to work? Is that right?

Great listings by the way.

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Jon,

Thank you. Have corrected the link - working now. Enjoy!

gammon said...

Abolutely awesome blog you've got going here, Lisa.
Thanks for all the great shares.

bannermike said...

I have wanted this album for more years than I can remember. Thank you so much for sharing such a classic.

Anonymous said...

Hello from France,
I have problems with the password & I can't hear this album : it's a pity 'cause I was very pleased to find it. Could you make something ?