Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wynder K. Frog - Out Of The Frying Pan (1968)

Originally released in 1968, this is the definitive album from Mr Frog, a.k.a. MickWeaver, described as 'Bolton's answer to BOOKER T.' Jazz-rock organ sounds from the late 60s by this UK band, now much beloved of zoot-suited Mods everywhere. Freak Emporium

Mick Weaver - a.k.a. Wynder K. Frog: Keyboardist, appearing on lots of albums by fringe-of-the-blues-musicians of this period: Miller Anderson, The Grease Band, Juicy Lucy, The Butts Band, Keef Hartley, Eric Burdon... Also appeared in constellation of Mason, Wood, Capaldi & Frog, i.e. Dave Mason, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi, all ex-Traffic. The instrumental Wynder K. Frog albums were recorded in the solid company of Dick Heckstall-Smith, Neil Hubbard, Chris Mercer, Alan Spenner...
"Music just cannot swing and groove any more than this. It is pure, vintage soul/jazz, in particular the Bobby Timmons tune, "This Here". Wynder himself leads the band on organ, and the LP includes some hot versions (of) "Jumping Jack Flash", "Green Door", and "The House That Jack Built".

1. Jumping Jack Flash
2. Gasoline Alley
3. Willie And The Hand Jive
4. Harpsichord Shuffle
5. Baby I Love You
6. This Here
7. Green Door
8. Bad Eye
9. Alexander's Ragtime Band
10. Tequila
11. The House That Jack Built
12. Hymn To Freedom
13. High Heel Sneakers
14. Baldy (taken from the single "Jumping Jack Flash" '68)

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Andythecount said...

Thanks for this one. Used to have it on vinyl but sold it during a temporary insanity. So thanks for this one.

Eddie Riff said...

Thanks, Lisa! Except for some tracks on a mix tape, I haven't heard this one in 30 years!

Lisa Sinder said...

Great, Eddie! That's why I'm doing it! thank you ;)

Madame Candyman said...

Gushing enthusiasm over this one, the Frog is everything I hoped it would be. Thanks.

tucker said...

I'm in Frog Heaven! MANY thanks for the Frogtacular postings!

SCION said...


Anonymous said...

Only 4 Trachs i can download

djkit dj fanis said...


Anonymous said...

Wynder is great.Perfect sound of the sixties.It brings the time back


Anonymous said...

The weekend starts here!

LazerBil said...

I remember the days when Mick used an old Farfisa organ. Mick always promised he'd have his Hammond for the next gig as well. That came once he made Sunshine Superfrog. Green Door was one track I always played.

Wynder K Frog was the first band I saw in the first club I ever went to. Within a few months I was a DJ at the same club, so I got to introduce Mick and the lads. Were those great days!

Can you imagine being able to meet the likes of The Who, The Small Faces, etc? That's what I got to do and introduce them. The luck of being a DJ.

Oxzen said...

Hymn To Freedom - by Oscar Peterson - is my favourite track on this album. I prefer this Hammond version of it to the piano original. Brilliant.