Sunday, July 02, 2017

Fifth Column - To Sir With Hate (1986)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Mikey B. said...

Years ago I downloaded an MP3 rip of To Sir With Hate that had some serious audio fidelity issues. While I appreciate being exposed to Fifth Column through that blog post, the poorly burned vinyl was compressed, tinny and untrue to the source. Hearing this version is a revelation! Thank you so much! Until the members of Fifth Column can reissue their albums this upload will have to do!

queenazar said...

hi there.. good news. 5C are remastering for optimum fidelity to address your valid complaint.

keep posted... sold independently on hide records.. join the fifth column facebook page for updates

queenazar said...

your complaint is more than valid.

5C will be releasing an optimum remastering this summer/fall 2019 of to sir with hate released exclusively by hide records.

join the facebook page for updates