Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Advancement - Advancement (1969)

A sixties Hollywood outfit whose album is one of those strange late sixties barrier-breaking experimental efforts trying to fuse different musical genres. Orient Express, Autosalvage and John Berberian are othersimilar projects which spring to mind. This particular one is an attempt to fuse jazz with folk, rock and acid.
Lynn Blessing also released a solo album in 1969, Sunset Painter and Lou Kabok went on to play with Gabor Szabo.

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Thierry said...

Hello Lisa,
It's the 1st time I write you and I thank you for the beautiful discovery of this delicate but also very lively music. Is it an album from your vinyls'collection ? If you possess some other gems, may I suggest you some (rare) titles ? Bye and all my wishes for your beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

wh0w... nice album. will try to catch it on vinyl. thanks 4 that ;)

archigram said...

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! EXCELLENT tunes! Like a cross between Gabor Szabo, Gary Mcfarland and hippie sunshine pop!

Max said...

Thanks for another great post--I'd heard a couple tracks from this before & look forward to hearing the rest. I plan on posting the Lynn Blessing album sometime in the near future on my blog. Also I wanted to let you know though that your "hide-a-link" service appears to place some kind of spyware or noxious cookie on user's computers--Spyware Doc tries to block the site. Thanks again for such great posts.

mockingbird said...

Parabéns pelo blog...muito material raro, grande trabalho!

Por favor visite:

lindsay said...

hey lisa,

i really enjoy the site and really love some of the albums you have up for download.

i was wondering–do you know how i can download some of these albums on a powerbook in the correct format in order for them to play in my itunes?


needlebeard said...

Finally... Bless you.

SENDERON said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Excelent Blog!

By the way, could you post anything by the amazing prog greek band called "Axis" (they recorded a masterpiece in 1973 called "Axis" too; its very hard to find)

Anyway, thanks a lot and keep on with your good job!

Anonymous said...

wonderful intrumentals
thanks for everything you have uploaded!

Betelgeuse said...

hi lisa!before of all...great album!then...can i ask you to put my blog on your link list?

you are already on my "great blog link "list!
thank you!
bye from Italy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa, great music