Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cosa Nostra - Same (1971)

Heavy duty rare Latin funk psych album recorded in Mexico City in 1971, their English language debut (not to be confused with their Spanish-language second album, reissued by Lazarus on LP); heavy grooves right from the start, with hard guitar, bass, drums and organ kicking it and not letting up; sounds a little like the Black Sugar albums, if you can imagine U-Roy 'singing' along with the rhythm tracks, and some strangely dissonant background singers chiming in to boot; but all vocal limitations aside, has some great cuts, such as the eponymous track 'Cosa Nostra', the funky 'Squeeze it Tight' with a real pushy groove, the rife-for-sample intro to 'Proud Mary', and the shimmering 'Change of Mind'.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back -- thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...

this is GREAT! Thanks a lot (and welcome back!)

Anonymous said...

Cпасибо большое