Thursday, May 15, 2008

La Zombie Et Ses Bizons - Herbe de bizon (2004)

Coming from different musical ways, several French musicians eventually met and formed LA ZOMBIE ET SES BIZONS. Climates, landscapes, colours are the lines of force of their music, that can be described as "Alice In Wonderland" played in the MAGMA way. "Herbe De Bison" (2004) is a happy instrumental celebration of Progressive rock, jazz, oriental music and a bit of trance, melting sounds of vibraphone, flute, guitar, bass and drums. It will lead you from the softiest of melodies, through long hypnotic ascendant lines to a climax of pure savage energy. That musical journey is a constant zapping from the candy sweetness of delusive ads to the acid truth of news reports. Never extremely violent or excessively naive, each piece is a wave that takes you and leaves you on foreign shores. Not to be missed !

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Can't wait to hear this one!

jan said...

Dear Lisa.
This is great! Did they make other records. Thanks. Great blog
Jan, Netherlands

Anonymous said...

great l p

thank a lot lisa