Sunday, October 04, 2009

Air - Air (1971)

Not to be confused with the French techno band or the R&B band from the late '80s. Air was one of the groups featured on Herbie Mann's Embryo label, a jazz/rock imprint of Atlantic from the early 1970s. It featured Googie Coppola on vocals.

Air's sound was extremely jazz based with a slight pop influence. The main selling point was Googie Coppolla's vocals. Whether telling off an ex-lover in "Mr. Man" or telling a Lolita tale in "Man Is Free", her voice is strong and lovely at the same time. Unfortunately, not all the songs are up to the same level, and the album starts to fall apart toward the end.

Still, if you can find it, it is definitely worth picking up, as it is one of the lost gems of the early 1970s and probably the Embryo label's best release. Also, for jazz completists, it is produced by Herbie Mann. Written by Ezreal

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Sadness said...

thanks EZ, great album..did they do anymore albums..
all best

Stephen said...

Herbie Mann did some good stuff on Embryo- will be good to try this. thanks for the opportunity!

FLX said...

THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!! I love you forever Lisa, i ve searched for this - particuliarly the Song Sister Bessie for years after hearing just a snippet and knowing neither name of the song nor the artist!!!


Ezreal said...

First of all, thank you for using my review on your blog! To answer the first question, no, this band only released this one album. Googie Coppolla and her husband released a couple albums together, and she also did some sessionwork, but unfortunately she largely faded into obscurity. Too bad; she had a great voice.

xan said...

Big Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Nice one thank you so much