Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ark - Voyages (1979)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


juan manuel muñoz said...

a lot of thanks, friend, great weekend to you

Anonymous said...

I need to correct you Lisa on the fact that this Ark 'Voyages' album is an artifact and no longer available for sale on the market. It was reissued by Guersson Records of Spain, in 2008 and this illegal posting of the free download is not only a slap in the face to all the members of Ark, but also against the law as it is a violation. The three members didn't make a dime for the first (1978 when it was first pressed to 1994, when it got reissued by Fanny in Beligum ) 16 years ( and then only Charles made a fee for the reissue, seeing that Eddie and I did not know about that deal. It's been a long hard road with this album as now all members are at odds, and many things have been mistaken, and just plain turned into 40 years hurt. If you please remove the free upload. The post of the info and listing of our band is fine. Thanks,. Lee Henderson ( drummer/percussionist/and equal part copyright holder, by law).

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Lee,

First of all none of my posts here are intended to make any profit or to harm Artists (slap in the face???), but to make good music known to the wider audience. When I made the Ark post I'd checked legal digital platforms & found out that Ark Voyages couldn't be downloaded or streamed legally nowhere on the net. After your message I checked again & didn't find Ark even on Guerssen bandcamp. From my point of view, to limit distribution nowadays only for physical format is mistake. I'd deleted link but your album is on the net in different rips & good move will be to make it available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer & alike. Knowing the sales & production runs at reissue market I doubt that many copies of Ark LPs/CDs had been pressed initially & that they will be rerun soon. Digital might give you certain revenue & constant availability of Ark album for the music enthusiasts.

Kind regards,