Thursday, November 05, 2015

Exmagma - Exmagma (1973)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Mike F. said...

THANK YOU for the Exmagma catalogue.

True story: in 1973, when I lives in Germany, I was coming home to Bremen via Train from Wuppertal. Every time I would come back home from a vacation (in this case: Herbstferien) my first stop before either switching trains to get to Oyten (or if my mother picked me up) would be to go to Govi Schallplatten near the station to spend whatever money my father and grandparents would have given me on records (any and all money I ever got lasted only as long as it would take me to get into town and go record shopping). That day the store had just gotten the following records in: Kraan-Andy Nogger, Kraftwerk-Autobahn, the first Exmagma album and Spooky Tooth-The Mirror (don't ask), all of which I wanted because they all had covers that appealed to me. The main buyer, Horst, saw me grabbing the Exmagma and he came over to me and told me "Look... I know you buy every strange record that comes in here but let me warn you: this is probably the worst album I have ever heard. I just want to warn you because if you do not like it I cannot let you exchange it". But I just liked the cover way too much so home with me it went. And I loved it. That day every single album I bought, except for the Spooky Tooth, got played to death within the next few months.

Lisa Sinder said...

great story, Mike)

Μιχαλης Αποστολιδης said...

Thank You!!!