Saturday, June 25, 2016

White Light - Parable (1974)

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wcpaeb said...

I have this one but it's always good to see Xian LPs posted.

Here's a text file for the LP.

WHITE LIGHT - Parable (Scotia SCO/LP 4791) 1974 UK *

Scotland would seem to be the breeding ground for some of the most daring and groundbreaking Christian bands. Groups like The Gospelfolk, Living Stones, and Caedmon. Well add the male four-piece White Light to the Big Kahuna list with this super scarce high-powered bluesy garage/psych hard-rock beast, packed to
the gills with cheesy organ, jubilant fuzz guitar, and frenzied drumming. The entire side one is taken up with a classic Who-like conceptual piece entitled ‘Prodigal’, “a rock opera embracing the parable of the Prodigal Son in a modern context”.
The son asserts his independence via an explosive cover of The Who’s ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’. Soon he’s off to “make it out” with Susan and buy rounds of drinks for his friends, eventually tripping out on acid as the music turns to dissonant downer psychedelia. A few screams of anguish follow before a good
Samaritan type hauls the dejected lad off to a church service. The organ and band switch over to a hymn, softening to a whisper while a preacher delivers the word of God in his affectionate Scottish accent (reminds me of Eric Liddell in Chariots Of Fire). The son repents and runs home to see his daddy, the mood shiftingalo to
fast fired-up boogie rock-n-roll ala Ten Years After where the beat cooks, the fuzz flies and even dad gets into the groove (“I see ya comin’… yeah… so good…”). Side two works in covers of John Mayall’s ‘Where Did I Belong’ and George Harrison’s ‘Awaiting On You All’ (“just call on the name of the Lord and you’ll be free”), along with a couple originals ‘Now I Realise’ and another boogie-blues track ‘Mighty Big God’. The organ is traded in for a piano on the final track, a jammin’ cover of Edwin Hawkins’ ‘In My Father’s House’. All this bursts forth with a very homemade yet endearing sound that echoes that of the Vindication album. Cover is an intensely cool b&w negative-image photo of a guy’s head, with one of the lenses of his glasses bearing the verse “call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you”. File proudly with the best of the monsters.(The Archivist by Ken Scott).

01. Prodigal 18:51
02. Mighty Big God 2:23
03. Where Did I Belong 5:24
04. Awaiting On You 2:48
05. Now I Realize 5:42
06. In My Father’s House 3:28

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks for this and others. Great job. Best wishes