Friday, May 19, 2017

KeinMenscH! - Keinmensch! (1982)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!

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ommyth said...

Hi Lisa - it's very good to have you back these last months. Merci, as ever!

A question, apropos of NDW: have you ever come across a rip of Kosmonautentraum's "Tagediebe" LP from 1983? I live in the band's hometown and I can't find the vinyl anywhere. On Discogs, it tops out at over €300! I don't care if it's at 128, I'd just love to hear it. Also, ever come across the Magdalena ‎12" from '86 and their Xmas single from the next year, "Schöne Weihnacht'"?

Best wishes,