Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Wind Children - The Wind Children (1973)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!

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wcpaeb said...

I have this LP but nice to now have a CDR of it too.

Here's a text file for it:

The Wind Children - S/T (BAZR 916) (1973)

Strange California Episcopal folk ensemble pictured on the back wearing what looks like white karate robes. This is a dramatic presentation of sorts - basic folk tunes, some with Hebrew flavor interspersed with musically-backed soliloquies from New Testament characters, some with exaggerated Jewish and Italian accents. Cuts loose toward the end with a basement rocker including a fun amateur guitar solo. Composed by the Rev. Edgar and Jennifer Shippey.
Later releases include the Flower-the Flag (1976) and the Promise (1981)
review by Ken Scott, 4th Edition of the Archivist

01. Introduction 1:09
02. Galilean Fisherman 5:24
03. Little John 5:54
04. Were You There 1:43
05. O Lamb of God 2:27
06. Without You Now 3:06
07. He Wasn’t in my Mind 3:37
08. Singing in Tongues 2:23
09. Sim Cu Na 2:01
10. Conversion of Paul 1:56
11. Battle Hymn of the Republic 2:15
12. Priscilla of Rome 2:14
13. Never Never Never 1:39
14. You Sound Very Sane 2:20
15. All I Know 2:32
16. Finale – Sim Cu Na 0:54