Saturday, December 07, 2019

Ancient Morning - Ancient Morning (1979)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Yanka said...

Very nice album, a little bit melancholic. The singer (Rex H. Schenk) have a interresting voice, a way of singing who reminds a little Leonard Cohen. Thanks for uploading.

Psychfan said...

Thank you Lisa!

Il Commendatore said...

Thank you Lisa for all the new albums posted!

Lautaro Aledda said...

Love your work!!
From Buenos Aires. I wasn't coming here for a while and it's so amazing you still uploading such a wonderful music. Thanks and thanks!

October Country said...

Happy Holidays Lisa!
Can't Thank You enough for ALL the awesome music you've shared with us all over the years :)
Truly enriched my life :) Thank You!!!
Well my friends, it is my great pleasure to share a true Monster that has haunted the deepest waters of my wishlists for over 20 years :)
From the radically groovy far-out reaches of innermost fun and the realms of powerLove-charged sands spilling out of Brian Wilson's grand sandbox,
here is the legendary double Lp surf movie soundtrack, 'A Sea For Yourself' from 1973!! This rare and wonderful soundtrack to Hal Jepsen's surf film was created by a heady congregation led by Dennis & Daryl Dragon and Rick Henn, with help from many other talented friends.
I cannot say it any better than Mike Hamlin of KIKI Honolulu did in the liner notes from the Lp itself, "There's a lot more - 4 sides of music that rockets all the way from the shit-kickin' strains of 'Sugar In My Coffee' to the phased-out limits of 'Cosmosis' to the staccato power horn riffs on 'Cholo'. Rock, country, electronic, jazz, there are enough musical trips on this album to keep you stoking through several long winter nights. Music is my life - I listen to a lot of it. A hell of a lot - and this one I recommend to you - whatever you're paying for it - it's a deal. So light up - get it on your record player - and 'Sea For Yourself'." Right on Mike!

A Sea For Yourself [1973]

And funny enough, right after I posted last summer that I still had all my files and was going to share them - over half of them got deleted... so I've re-upped a few slowly and will share what I got left shortly :)
For the Holiday :) here's two past jolly Xmas mixes of mine that are sure to raise more than one smile ;)

From All Of Us To All Of
[fyi file is labeled 'default' lol]

And another old classic treat,
an old Hearts Of Space radio show classic program from 1988 titled 'Whales Alive'....besides the always top-notch space music, this one is very special, for besides a wonderful oceanic journey filled with whale songs, Leonard Nimoy does multiple readings of various classic poems :) it truly is priceless :)

HOS #142 Whales

Happy Holidays my friends!

El Vox said...

^^Thanks, A Sea For Yourself & Hearts of Space^^ Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Thank you!