Sunday, February 09, 2020

Séguin - Festin D'amour (1976)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Psychfan said...

Lisa, thank you very much for all of the albums by this band!

Anonymous said...


" = "ditto." Which means "same" here too. LUV & collect Canadian music & appreciate ALL your contributions. You also U/L some pretty obscure music. Are they rips from LP's or other sources?

Ciao! For now.

Pyrrhon said...

I was listening to that when in CEGEP, for those who know what that is.

Don Dazzle said...

Very nice! Merci! CEGEP, for those wondering, is a pre-university general education college that is mostly for young adults, considered by many people as their hazy days if you will.

Rochacrimson said...

Thank you!

lalaumiere said...

Merci beaucoup.