Sunday, September 11, 2022

As You Like It - Ages Come And Ages Go (1973-1975)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


RickK said...

I loved this. Nice breath of fresh air from the 70s. Thank you so much

mrRadio said...

Still checking this out, but went Wow! by the second song.
Thank you Lisa

Found this about them:

As You Like It played an ornate and pastoral form of Progressive Rock in the early-mid Seventies, various band members had formerly been in Bruin, Tales of Justine and The Syndicate, and supported bands such as Supertramp, If and Skin Alley. Their recordings were never released, and are a treat for fans of Gentle Giant, Yes, Spring, England's "Garden Shed", Genesis and Fantasy's "Paint A Picture".

01.No more sunshine 'till may
02.One by one
03.Wait for you
04.Ages come ages go
05.Turn around
06.September song
08.Bed of tears