Saturday, September 16, 2006

After Life - Cauchemar (1975)

One of the major discoveries in the world of collectable underground rock records and is the only LP by demonic French fuzzers After Life. Released only in Spain by Discophon in 1975, it remained virtually unknown until some copies started to surface in the late 90s on the lists of some of the worlds most reputable record dealers. To make things more exciting, this was produced by Jean-Pierre Massiera (of Visitors, Horrific Child, Les Maledictus Sound fame) and includes nine tracks of heavy psych guitar action, screaming vocals and organ interludes. The reissue uses the effective original psych artwork and will include 2 bonus tracks which were previously only on a 7", "Rolling Down" and "Things Of The Life". A must for lovers of loud & screaming hard rock as well as anyone interested in the european hard progressive genre. Freak Emporium

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Jay May said...

Thanks ezhevika ,I havent seen hard rock on your site for some time ,but wow you always amaze me .This group is awesome !

Anonymous said...

Ezhevika: Just wanted to tell you thanks for this post- this is an amazing album,, so glad to be able to hear it- proplox

iceman said...

Hi Lisa. Any chance you would re-post this album? Thanks