Sunday, September 17, 2006

Altin Mikrofon series

"There was such a blasting of bands that one of the biggest national newspapers called Hürriyet decided to organise a big contest that would help the young amateur bands have their names heard throughout the country. What the contest organisers wanted was interesting: the musicians who wanted to attend the contest had to either compose songs in Turkish or arrange a traditional tune. Also they had to perform this in a western style with electric western instruments! The ones who ware finalists ware to perform live In many cities that the newspapers arranged a tour for them. If Altin Mikrofon had not been assembled, we wouldn't likely to be talking about 60's & 70's Turkish rock scene." G.Aya

"Altin Mikrofon 'The Golden Microphone' song contest was first held in 1965 to help give a new direction to contemporary turkish music through the use of western techniques, forms and instruments. The finalists would get their contest song (and a song of their choice) recorded and printed as a single and sold on the music market for revenues which were left solely to the benefit of these groups." T.L. Taken from

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonymous said...

can it be that part 1 & 2 are the same?

however... thanx again. i relly like these oriental psych stuff :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
your blog is great! I just have to tell you that many of your older posts in March, the ones with the links in little boxes, have had the links removed. Other posts with normal links are still ok. I tried to download your very first post, United Empire Loyalists, but the files had been removed from rapidshare. Any chance of putting it up again?
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Love your site, but have been unable to open downloads for Human Beast and Three Man Army 2 using Stuffit. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I am just discovering you great blog but many of your past posts have been deleted :-(. Please reactivate them if you can.
Track 10 of part 2 is missing although Part 1 and Part 2 looks to include the same material. Please check and let us know.
Thanks for your great blog ;-)

Alain said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your fantastic blog. I would like to listen to the Altin Mikrofon serie but the three files have a password and I can't find it. Thank you for your help and again for your great job to help people discover so many obscur LP.

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Alain,

It's old post & I'd completely forgetten about all this password bullshit from early blogs era))

The password for these:


Take care,