Sunday, November 05, 2006

December's Children - S/T (1968)

At last a CD issue of much sought after 1968 album. The only release by this US band who sound like The New Tweedy Brothers/Love Exchange/Growing Concern etc. Male and female vocal harmonies are wrapped with some great West Coast psych guitar work giving the whole album a classic US psych feel.
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rock of lamb said...

These guys are much heavier/harder than New Tweedy Brothers, etc. It's almost lie you are decribing a different band. And I thought this came out in 1970. Sounds like 1970.

El Guajolote said...

Actually this sounds more like 1968 than to 1970 and the music is not exactly like the New Tweedy Bros. Is more on the Quicksilver Messenger Service/Tripsichord Music Box/Stoned Circus/Jefferson Airplane realms.