Sunday, November 05, 2006

Zoreya -S/T (1996)

Soft, dreamy and jazzy prog from Brazil. A bit in the Popol Vuh realm. This work by new Sao Paulo band is like a long and weird soundtrack. ZOREYA is a Brazilian line-up that performs a quiet and relatively mysterious Progressive jazz-rock, based on the omnipresent sax lines. The eponymous album was recorded during a period of time situated between 1989 and 1995, and finally issued in 1996. An ethnic tale of 8 stories with a wide mixture of instrumental progressive, new age, world music and jazz. Very ethnic with sax, pianos, flutes, guitars etc..

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Paulo said...


The correct name of this album
(Zoreya) is "Quando O Mal Estava Aí"

And the tracklist:

1 - Dia 3:29,
2 - Maria Capalena 14:49,
3 - Quando o mal estava aí 15:06,
4 - Oliver o Baleia 9:28, ,
5 - Há...Há...Há ! 12:07,
6 - Naked lunch 4:12,
7 - Dá me láqüa 6:10,
8 - Noite 3:24


crazy pappy said...

Hey Paulo.
Many thanx for the infos.
Is it possible to gives the line up?
Thanx in advance.
"Bonjour" de Paris, France

Fren said...

oi Lisa,
How are you? My name is José Carmo Fren, and i'm co-founder of the Zoreya. If you want some information about us this is my adress:

Raphael Rodrigues said...

Caio Paes de Andrade - Sax, clarinet and keyboards;

Billy Gibbons (!!!) - Piano, keyboards, sequencers, samplers, guitar;

José Carlos Fren - Sax syntethized, percussion, vocal, bass and flute;

Hugo Citti de Lauro - acoustic guitar, guitar;

Sérgio de Oliveira - Bass, vocal.