Saturday, February 09, 2008

Burning Candle - Burning Candle (1981)


Anonymous said...

From "Crack In the Cosmic Egg":

Possibly inspired by the British and Italian classical rock bands of the early 70s, like ELP or Le Orme, Burning Candle were much better than most of their contemporary neo-progressives. Fronted by the talented keyboardist Hans Peter Neuber, they developed an individual and largely instrumental style that constantly surprises. Neuber later went on to release light classical instrumental and new-age albums.

Anonymous said...

Die Fürther Band Burning Candle, bestehend aus Hans Peter Neuber, Klaus Schmidt-Drempetic und Rolf Vitzthum war deutlich von Triumvirat beeinflusst. Sie veröffentlichte ihr erstes und einziges Album auf dem "steirer disco"-Label.

01. Stranger
02. Eternal faith
03. The appearance of the ghost
04. Mosella
05. Expedion to the sun

Hans Peter Neuber (keyboards)
Klaus Schmidt-Drempetic, (guitar, bass, vocals) Rolf Vitzthum(drums)