Friday, February 22, 2008

Connivence - II (1979)

Never really a full group of musicians per se, Connivence was more of a collective name for artistes, solo or groups from the same region: Hull, just across Ottawa opposite the river and into Quebec land. These artistes actually found easier to share recording costs and release in 77 on the same record their personal tracks, but also playing on each other’s works. From single artists Legault, Soucy to the groups Oasis (jazz-rock) and Nous Autres (sometimes close to Anthony Philips), this Connivence name housed dramatically different styles but most of them worthy of a listen to progheads. The “group” will produce three albums (until 84) with different line-ups and the second one will be heavily induced by Syncope (another prog group). The third one is more electrified or electronified and jazzed-up.

Sadly none of the three albums have been released under the Cd format and their vinyl records are not that easy to find, either.

Hugues Chantraine, BELGIUM

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is fantastic. I ask for something from la belle province and right away I get it. Heard about this one but never got a chance to listen to it. Loking forward to it. Merci beaucoup.

graaf24 said...

Finally got it! BIG thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you