Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Haarband - Haarband (1981)

Female band with great vocals! Recommended!

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Anonymous said...

You have reason Lisa. This is a splendid and delicate folk album, full of inspiration and beauty passages. Very good and poetic singing in deutsch language. All tracks are good and the best is Polka with uso of those fantastic scottish irish pipes like in the Gryphon's first and for what i go mad. There are no information in round the net, so they are austrian or german??

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Ok, i see, dutch.

Sadness said...

This is one of the best folk albums Lisa you have put up..agree totally with Dairos..the pipes give this a ten/ten

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
very wonderful the new image for the frontispiece!

have the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Dutch rarities.Do you have the EP "roadrunner" by Ei Ei & de Klutsers?? Impossible to find!

basso said...

this looks tempting- Thanks a lot for all the beauties. Best, Basso

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
thanks for this single-piece rarity.
To give you a short dutch info on this group: <<>>

trying to translate it:
"this time no funk in the rarity-section, but lesbian songs with a folkloric touch. In 1981 a group of lesbian woman mad an LP under the name 'Haarband' All songs are dealing with the prejudice of 'women loving women'. One song is absolutly outrageous with the text in it 'I'm so glad glad glad making love with women'

That's all I could find.

Cheers JayBee