Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lyonesse - Cantique (1975)


Sadness said...

Love this many good moments..a good late night coffee and a good book go well with this..
Again Lisa many thanks

The Cornbread Hour said...

Can you provide us with a track list? Thanks!

wildbrush said...

1st: Thanks for the treasure! 2nd: according to RYM is the rip incomplete, tracks are missing - see also artwork. Anyway, I enjoy this album very much.

gregosgregos said...

Here is the tracklist, no missing tracks :
1 - Quintessence (Pietro Bianchi)
2 - La Pincesse Pendue (Paroles trad. Canada, Musique Pietro Bianchi)
3 - Cantique (Trad. Bretagne, Arr. Lyonesse)
4 - Gigue a Bouche (Trad. Canada, Arr. Lyonesse)
Port Luasca (Trad. Irlande, Arr. Lyonesse)
5 - Coppers & Brass (Trad. Irlande, Arr. Lyonesse)
- Branle de Beauce (Trad. Berry, Arr. Lyonesse)
6 - Belle Nanon (Trad. Canada, Arr. Lyonesse)
7 - The Rights of Man (Trad. Irlande, Arr. Lyonesse)
The Faerie's Hornpipe (Trad. Irlande, Arr. Lyonesse)
8 - Voilà le Printemps (Trad. Haut Berry, Arr. Lyonesse)
9 - Anterdro (Trad. Bretagne, Arr. Lyonesse)
10 - The Three Sea Captains (Trad. Irlande, Arr. Lyonesse)