Friday, December 31, 2010

Cannock - Waiting for the Night (1980)

Obscure interesting psych prog from Germany, female vocals, private press issued in 1980

Many thanks to KC! Rare Prog Blog publications

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Schmetterlinge said...

I'm glad you are back Lisa. I am a passionate reader of your blog and have to thank you for many forgotten bands that you helped me to discover. Check out my own blog which I've just started up.


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa and KC,

many thanks for this album! is new to me.

ah, I noticed that the rip is mono. sorry, is not a complain, just warning, i'm sure was by mistake.

thanks again!

apps79 said...

Great album!!!Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for lot

Jörg said...

Det var ett tag sen jag var inne på Ezhevika Fields. Hittade en massa obskyra, svenska LP av vilka jag bara hade Panta Rei på bränd CD, så stort TACK!

Men du - Cannock - Waiting for the night saknas! Den kanske släppts på CD?