Saturday, July 23, 2011

Windy Corner - The House at Windy Corner (1973)

"The House at Windy Corner" is one of the most sought after and expensive albums in the world, with copies known to fetch four figures. Windy Corner play a delicate and sparse folk rock with acoustic guitar, organ and dreamy vocals.


zappahead said...

This sounds interesting....don't know about it being rare...I've never heard of it but reading up on them....definatley worth a listen....much obliged....cheers.

Mike F. said...

I ave to pipe in here: for anybody who is unfamiliar with these guys GRAB THIS NOW!!! They also have another album which is every bit as good as this one (and should be up here as well). Both albums were recently reissued (at least on vinyl) and are must-owns. Precious few albums justify their extreme price tags. I got lucky and found their other album in pristine condition for $150 a decade or so back and decided to splurge regardless of if I was familiar with them or not (and regardless of bad past experiences with spending large amounts on "legendary psych" albums). It was the most I had spent on a record since 2000. For me that album was worth every penny. To my ears they kind of sounded like a cross between very mellow Wishbone Ash meets Amon Duul 1's Paradiewarts Duul. (or like a REALLY GOOD "folk psych" album). Do yourself a favour: download this and if the other one get's put up download that one as well. If you are into the more mellow end of the psych spectrum and you do not need bags of fuzz, distortion and zany sound effects to be happy then your ears are going to thank you big time for giving this record a chance.