Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Firma 33 - Se Först (1978)

Nimm Fünf / Der Herr Im Haus / Stille Nacht? / An Sich Bin Ich Ganz Friedlich / Flugversuch / Alleine / Agrippa, Das Schwein / Liebes Lied / Abscheid

LP Triangel 0331 (1979)

Berlin country "Lieder" rock?! Well, that was our impression based on the "Vor 10 Jahren" track, for which they were promptly dumped in the "Rejects & Misfits" section in the book version of "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg".

More recently though, I found a report on the album SE FÖRST that said "progressive jazzrock with underground flair, typical Krautrock fusion riffs, freaky reefer comedy lyrics, brilliant guitar and brass, groovy Guru Guru vibes..." and another report says "one of the best German private pressings for sure. Like a mix of Kraan, Guru Guru and the Danish band Dr. Dopo Jam. Excellent!" - and extraordinarily both these descriptions are pretty close, except the "excellent" as I'd say that Firma 33's twist on the eccentric Zappa inspired style is very much an acquired taste! Taken from "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg CD-Rom Edition


snakeboy said...

Freaky reefer comedy lyrics?? Got to give that a try.

Dr Dopo said...

Oh my god I haven't listened to this yet but when you said Kraan and Dr. Dopo Jam I literally emitted a girlish squeal that I'm not proud of, but must stand by its genuine enthusiastic expression. I can't wait to listen to this! (and thanks to you, I want have to) Thank You!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This was the band that became ZEITGEIST later on.

Jörg said...

Freaky lyrics? What about the title, "Se först!"? That's actually Swedish for "See first!"/"Zum erst, sehen!"...

Thanx anyway,