Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cuckoo - Iona (1978)

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog...
I discover wonderful things.
The actual music is so boring...

Andreas M. Wittig said...

The band's name is CUCKOO and IONA is the title of the album! There was an English folk band IONA that released a selftitled album on the Celtic Music label in 1978 but they had nothing to do with the band Cuckoo.
Cuckoo were:Pete Kirtley (guitar), Mike Storey (harmonica, keyboards, vocals), Colin Gibson (bass), Kuma Harada (bass), John McKenzie (bass), John Porter (bass, guitar), James Lascelles (keyboards), Dave Sheen (drums)
...and this is not a folk album!

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Andreas!

Many thanks for the info!

Take care,

Jim Nield said...

This is a superb album, great songs with a very tight,
funky rhythm section and mellow, gravelly vocals.
It ranges from upbeat to atmospheric.
The keyboard playing especially is exquisite.