Saturday, March 21, 2015

Psy - Psychelektra Trip Projekta (1984)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!

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a wanderer said...

unconditional swearing ain't my way, but i gotta say "Holy spoken sh*t"! you actually did it! you uploaded Nukli's releases on req.!? ("all right get a hold of yourself") "The Time Factory" or "9" can be found if the one looks a bit thoroughly,.. but the rest... the rest are extremely out of the 'free public internet' i know about at least... i spent a lots of time looking for those tapes, as i read many reviews out there describing how influential they are,.. on the other hand ; trying'em was out of the question (except the ones i mentioned up above) so it was an effort for nothing to be brief.. but as much despair i felt back then ; the feeling of gratitude is overwhelming my brain now, almost like it's restoring the neurons i've burned during the process... So Thank you very much for restoring my neurons along with these obscure gems... Thanks to you these releases might have a chance to escape from oblivion & it's up to listeners (you folks better grab it while you can!) Thank you very much once again sister, you're doing such a fine job within your exceptional posts...
Have a nice day full of Psychedelic 'revelations' x)