Sunday, June 21, 2015

Claude Yvans - Longue Naissance (1974)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, wonderful stuff! Now I just need his next album too.
I suspect, from listening and from looking at the waveforms of these tracks, someone has done a one0channel rip and then copied/duplicated that channel to make it appear to be a full stereo rip. There are lots of murky bits where it sounds like there should be something else in the other channel, and both channels look identical in a wave editor which is very unusual for a real stereo vinyl rip (even if the channels have identical audio there should be some difference in the vinyl pops & crackles).
Also oddly discogs says the last track is 14 minutes long, here it is under 3? Even including the 'untitled' poem track which is not listed on the discogs entry, it still does not make up the full time. Hopefully someone out there can share a correct rip of this album? Or better yet a reissue?