Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mtume Umoja Ensemble - Alkebu-Lan: Land of the Blacks - Live at the East (1972)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Mike F. said...

On of 2 items on this site for which I wish the link was not broken :-(

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Mike the link is working)

Mike F. said...

Yes it is now. Thanks. :-)

Btw: NO download site I have ever stumbled across has the 2 Alain Renaud albums from the later '70s on it. I know they have never been all that collectable (*except maybe to a small handful of Heldon completists) but if you have them you really should post them. To my knowledge they do not exist in cd format nor have they ever been reissued and if people hear them I truly believe that most collectors of that whole Heldon scene (whatever it is called) would genuinely like them. I have had them on vinyl for decades and would love to be able to add them to my emergency back up hard drive (the massive drive I have been putting together for the past 3 years that get's grabbed in any sort of an emergency after the cats are safe, so that while I might lose my music etc collection proper I will still at least have all the music that really matters to me, even if it is not in vinyl or cd form). The two Renaud albums are in my top 5 of things I am still hoping to find for download one of these days (Deuter Soundtracks - the promo only white covered Kuckuck album with a ton of very short pieces on it that was stolen from me 2 decades ago would probably be in the third place and the 2LP Perth County Conspiracy's Alive double album on Canadian CBS in 4th place and the 1973 South African Rock Today With the Big Heavies! Sampler in the 5th spot. So ever finding any of these on your blog for download would be delightful beyond reason for me. Thanks for "listening".