Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bran - Hedfan (1976) (pre Pererin)

Epic Welsh progressive rock rarity from 1976. Powerful electric progressive rock with hammond, electric guitars and synths. The vocals are all in Welsh but musically this is a great album with rippling wah-wah guitar and male/female vocals.It's a beauty... (Freak Emporium)



Betelgeuse said...

good album!

db said...

Hey, this is good :)
(even with the pops and crackles from the LP)

Anonymous said...

Great album !!!! thanks.

For a while I thougth that you have given up, nice to see you around, keep on.

A Pound for a Brown said...

Hi Lisa,thank you very much for the warm welcome and for these fantastic albums.

newelectricmuse said...

Thank you - and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, wow thank you very much
what we have ...good rock & one of the most beautiful female voices i have ever hear :-D

Greetings from Chile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, a great psychy album, hope they reissue the Bran albums on cd soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa amazing album!! i've been searching and theri third album Gwrach y Nos (1978) and i coulf not find it...
well i don't know how this proceed but could you search in your sources and upload it?

maybe we are losing another excellent album :-P

Greetings from Chile