Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gattch - Komplet (1971)

Hi Lisa,

I happen to have a double CD with complete recordings by Gattch...Mr Marquez seems to be looking for it so I uploaded the CD in 4 parts. First 2 links are for the album (contains some alternate takes) and the other 2 from a concert. The band were from Czechoslovakia (Slovak part)and the album was released in 1971. It is fairly good prog/jazz/rock music that people may enjoy. The front cover is included in the first .rar file.

Thank you, Marian!



Mr Márquez said...

Hello Lisa, thank you very much for posting this album, I enjoyed it.

See ya.

selk'nam said...

Hello Lisa, is very good, i don't like the first track, but the rest and mainly the instrumental tracks are great stuff.

Many thanks!!!

sond said...

My God, where do people get that kind of stuff from? Thank you!!!

misha said...

Thank you for very rare posting

Anonymous said...

This is a great CD. While I lived in the Czech Republic some years back I first discovered this group on vinyl. I remember when this double CD came out, it was out of print very quickly and I didn't buy it while it was available. Only recently did I find someone in Slovakia that had one and burned me a copy. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Do you have lossless?