Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Katamaran - Katamaran (1977)

German fusion

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Anonymous said...

Thx for Katamaran.

It seems that something went wrong or something is missing in the s/t one.

Your Tracklist (Downlaod) shows:

01 - Poseidon (10:21)
05 - Gerd und die Welt (3:31)
06 - Bonus Track 1 (6:51)
07 - Bonus Track 2 (8:32)

This is the original Tracklist (1977 Vinyl)

01 - Poseidon (3:34)
02 - Gehe zurück nach der Badstraße (6:58)
03 - Fender Spiel (8:41)

04 - Untitled / 16-9-76 (5:44)
05 - Gerd und die Welt (15:59)

Help requested


Anonymous said...

hello! yes-yes this is great!!!
missing track?
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Katamaran!!
Missing Tracks???

Anonymous said...

No matter if some track is missing. It's really awesome music. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

HI,what it happened about tracklist?

Anonymous said...


Will anything happen according to the problems with the tracklist, see posting #1 ??


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa.

Great postage. In spite of the trails they be lacking and wrong it is an excellent post. Best to have like this doque not to have anything. Thank you.
In case he has the correct trails please port again!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Louie the bass here.

What I think happened is this: the guy who copied the record accidentally copied the first two songs as one track (10'21", being "Poseidon" and "Geht zurück nach der Bankstrasse") then realized his mistake and copied them again, separately (3'32" and 6'51") and then put the third song of the album "Fender Spiel" (8'33). So side two is missing in its entirety. Hope this clears things up

All the best

Mike Hargis said...

I know where those mp3's came from...me, about 8 years ago LOL. Anyway, I have the correct files for all three Katamaran albums. I think I'll start another blog and offer them, along with a few other goodies, just to set some "records" straight ;) Check my profile in coming days for a link
peace, mikey

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is new link:

Anonymous said...

New Link:
Katamaran - 1977 - dto. (German Jazzrock).rar