Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kaleidoskop - Kaleidoskop (1974)

Look And Smile / Being Twice, Can You Decide? / Those Stagge's Nights / Compos. Intern. / Long Way / Einstand / Stranger Blue / Remember Those Lines

LP Ton Cooperative Hannover TCH 0002 (1974)

Günter Blendermann (bass), Peter Burkhold (saxophone), Ulrich Framke (saxophone, clarinet), Wolfgang Schmeer (saxophone, flute), Dietmar Schmidt (drums, percussion), Wolfgang Schmidt (organ, electric piano, steel guitar)

A band with their roots in Bremen/Hannover, going back to the 1960's. It was reputedly "extraordinary soul jazz rock album with great grooves and charming careless playing" according to one source - which turned out to be not too far off the mark. Kaleidoskop played a richly textured jazz-prog that was actually quite dated for 1974, with lots of winds, and 90% instrumental, with hints of Nucleus, Xhol and Zappa/Mothers styles, but less experimental and a touch cheesy in some of the jazz breaks. The song in "Stranger Blue" takes the sound Emergency territory.

After a change in style, and a shake-up in line-up, 7 years later they resurfaced as Kaleidoskop Band. Taken from The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

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