Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Styff Nack - Sundial (1978)

01. Dayswalk (4:57)
02. Shepherd On The Westpole (7:36)
03. Blue Flood (8:08)
04. Powerman (4:16)
05. Balance (4:34)
06. On The Roof (7:45)
07. Sundial (7:45)

An obscure progressive band of whom we know very little, except for a moderately interesting self-produced album. Definitely in the spirit of Krautrock, but with a more mellow late-70's feel, the album SUNDIAL mixed a variety of styles into a lyrical hard-rock, pepped up by many unusual touches and a psychedelic edge.

Hans-Jürgen Hofmann (vocals, pianos, organ, string ensemble, Moog, guitar), Peter Fengler (bass, bass pedals, vocals), Uwe Leicht (drums, rototoms, cymbals), Rainer Houda (guitars), Thomas Möckl (guitar). Taken from The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

Many thanks to KC! Rare Prog Blog publications

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Anonymous said...

A 1000 thanks for sharing such a rare kraut album. It's one of the few left on my search list alongside unfindable stuff like Brain Sound, Zeberon, Jeff Baker, Prisma or Oratorium. Chapeau!

V ! said...

Thank you for this enjoyable truly german rare offering!

Ashbelthor said...

This is great, thanks!