Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dr. Brown - Inside (1999)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks for all the great neo-psych you've posted recently , especially Dr. Brown & Mandragora . Don't suppose you happen to have Suicidal Flowers Psychedevilic Sounds available do you ?

a wanderer said...

Oh my... Thank you very very very much, i've been looking for some Dr. Brown's releases for a long time now & the only thing i could get a hold to was "In the World of Dreams" album... but not anymore thanks to you.. i actually came here by coincidence (or fate!), last time i visited your blog was about 2 or 3 years ago, can't precisely recall, but here you are, Still delivering some fine & rare releases,.. i see Nick Riff (US), Dr. Fond, Viv Akauldren, Mandragora,.. & many other "Delirium records" materials.. all in one excellent 'neat' page.. some of the cream of the 2nd era of neo-psychedelic / Garage revival scene, .. i have most of those albums, i'll strongly recommend all those names to anyone with fine ears (not to mention collectors) ..Anyway ; really glad i came here in time just to find the Dr. Brown's rarities presented like that, Thank you very much once again, feel much obliged & you really made my night. // i have few names in mind if you happen to have any of it, for some future uploads maybe: "Sons Of Selina" , "Alman Mulo Band" , "Laughing Soup Dish," , "Kava Kava" , "The Venus Fly Trap" , "Nukli" (tapes)... Anyway, that's just a memento, Let me just take the time to Thank you once again (as i can never thank you enough) & wish you long listening experience,
Have a Nice day, Regards.