Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cherry Five - Cherry Five (1974)

Cherry Five came from Italy and was founded in 1974 by Carlo Bordini (who came from the broken group Rustichelli and Bordini), Tony Tartarini, Walter Martino, Claudio Simonetti and Adriano Monteduro. They played in the instrumentation guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals. In the same year their only selftitled album was published by Cinevox without creating any interest at that time! Cherry Five played progressive-rock, sung in english and includes various fine keyboards passages, which remind of Nice. Short after this album, Tartini and Bordini left the band and Cherry Five broke up and then with a slightly different line up transformed into Goblin.Today this album belongs to the most sought-after records of the italian prog-rock-scene.

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Anonymous said...

cherry five rules! goblin rules! ezhevika fields rules! lisa rules!