Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prentice & Tuttle - Every Loving Day (1972)

Steve Prentice & Stephen Tuttle, two young Americans based in Boston, recorded their second and rare album in 1972. This collectable record is a fragile psych folk record with strong rural Americana feeling. All twelve tracks are originals and really deserve this CD treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog and outstanding selection!

Anonymous said...

Just BTW... is there any chanse of getting the tracklist as well

Anonymous said...

Same Anonymous as just a moment before. For tracklist try:

slugbucket said...

Great post. But no tracklisting... I tried searching the web, but no luck.
Have you got the track list? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here it is, hope someone still need it after a month.

1. The River Song
2. Old Man Taylor
3. This Downhill Walk
4. Jacob's Tree
5. It's Getting Mighty Cold
6. Deep Blue Affection
7. Like A Midnight Crier
8. Just How You Feel
9. The Devil Be Your Lord
10. It Isn't Going To Rain This Day
11. Ring Them Bells
12. Every Loving Day

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album....and tracklist!!

jmo965 said...

I recently found the first one they did private press
on RPC
i have no idea how it ended up in half price books bargain bin but it did
IT is really good

Anonymous said...

I remember a cut called "Granny's Bacon"... not sure which album. I was in high school and I thought these guys were really good.