Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tinkerbells Fairydust - S/T (1969)

Arguably the most valuable UK album in record collecting history, with copies known to have sold for £2,000! The LP was manufactured by Decca in 1969 but never issued. This is the first-ever official CD of their recordings. Adds numerous bonus tracks from singles and also from pre-Tinkerbells acts The Rush and Tommy Bishop’s Ricochets. Sleeve-notes finally tells their story – these will also be appearing as a feature in Record Collector mag. Tinkerbell’s Fairydust were inspired by American Sunshine/ harmony pop, with shades of psychedelia on certain tracks (e.g. ‘In My Magic Garden’). ‘Twenty Ten’ (as in the year 2010) was a huge hit at the time in Japan and is likely to enjoy a renewed profile next year…
Twenty Ten / In My Magic Garden / Majorine / You Keep Me Hanging On / The Worst That Could Happen / Never My Love / Lazy Day / Every Minute Every Day / Whole World / They Didn't Believe Me / Happy / Sheila's Back In Town / Jeff's Boogie / Bonus Tracks- I Should Have Known (By Tommy Bishop’s Ricochets) / On The Other Hand (By Tommy Bishop’s Ricochets) / Once Again (By The Rush) / Make Mine Music (By The Rush) / Enjoy It (By The Rush) / Walking My Baby (Single) / Follow Me Follow (Single) / Midnight Train (By Tommy Bishop & Rock’n’roll Revival Show) / Oh, Boy (By Tommy Bishop & Rock’n’roll Revival Show)
UK psych

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frumious bandersnatch said...

Many thanks Lisa for this rarity. I love all the tracks comp'd on Rubble, especially the magic "20-10" & their cover of "Lazy day", an all-time favourite. The rest of the album is very good too.
Greetings from Paris, France.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for re-uping this and the Kestrel album. You are very kind and this is a great blog....keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

steve Maher said...

I did not expect to find this blog!
My name is Steve Maher - I was an original member of the Tinkerbells Fairydust group and as such part of all these old retro recordings.
You may be interested to know that I now live in Australia and that I still sing play and write my own songs - I also stay in touch with all the old members of the band who are in the UK.
Thankyou for the kind comments

Anonymous said...

Riverman206 says: All ezhevika people must heard this psych masterpiece, and very hard to find! Repost with the link above:

Thanks Lisa! Your Blog and You are fantastic !!! Thanks to exist!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff !! Thanks you very much for the link to the album. Can inform me if somebody have the song Follow Me Follow the B side of the A Side Sheila´s Back in Town ? and if can create a link to this file
I wish listen it.
Best regards
Jorge from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbells Fairydust fans

You may be interested to hear that a UK Record Company are currently compiling a re-release of the Magic Garden Album on CD, soon to be released - the album will include several as yet unheard tracks that have been recently discovered plus the original demo of Jeff Lynnes 'follow me follow'

For more information on the band

Steve Maher

Anonymous said...

Bom dia
Quem tiver este disco original de 1969, favor me contactar