Friday, October 27, 2006

Zendik Farm Orgaztra - Danze Of The Cozmic Warriorz (1980s)

Stoned, hypnotic psychedelic rock, recorded by this Texan
tribal community at the end of the 80's. These tracks feature
some of Wulf Zendik's most powerful vocals and poetry. An
awsome display of his artistic energy and aesthetic
wisdom. "... it's a very important document - almost
religious ... a must for all those who are searching for
psychedelic underground music..."

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CD is still available at Nasoni

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Anonymous said...

Really great psych.... love it. Thanks so much for your blog.


Jerom said...

truly awesome! And thank you for still updating the link after all these years!!!

Anonymous said...

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Yang/Yin (13:54)
2. Farm Jam (6:19)
3. The Kiss (7:05)
4. Madman (5:52)
5. Dance of the Cozmic Warriorz (10:51)
6. Let's Get Stoned (7:20)
7. Inzanity (4:44)

Thank you Lisa :)