Friday, January 05, 2007

Facedancers - Same (1972)

Early prog crossover album from 1972 with some psyche influences. Produced by Teo Macero of Miles Davis fame. Creatively designed songs that show thoughtful experimentalism. The lead singer claims he hits the highest note ever recorded by a man on a rock record. True or not - the girly-sounding vocals work well in this context. Interesting album that rewards a few close listens.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post Awesome LP Thank You

I was wondering if anyone knows or knows where to find Track titles for the songs..I'd love to know the song titles

Thank You Again

travis said...

This a fantastic record! Yes!

Track listing:
A Side
1. Little Waterfalls
2. Dreamer's Lullabye
3. Nightmare
4. Jewels

B Side
5. Let the Music Set You Free
6. Children
7. Beta

Anonymous said...

1. Little Waterfall
2. Dreamer's Lullabye
3. Nightmare
4. Jewels
5. Let The Music Set You Free
6. Children
7. Beta

Anonymous said...

Thank you Travis and Anonymous.

This makes this great lp complete.

sybarite said...

An amazing record that I've never heard of before. Thanks very much

Cordv said...

Hi! I want add this information:
The Facedancers are:
Kelley Moko-guitars,vocal;Barry Armour- bass, guitar; Dale Armour- fluite,guitar,keyboards,voc;
Scats Bloom -harmonica,perc.,vocal;
Michael Loy- perc., drums
Engineer: Captain Eddy Corvin;
Executive producer: Marty Thay for M.A. Productions Inc.
Recorded: Blue Rock Studio,Soho,NYC
On cover date are 1972, but on label 1973

Angela said...

I am so glad to find your websight Lisa ! Wonderful.

I can make you happy. Guess what?

I know two Artists from Facedancers.(Barry Armour & Dale Armour)

Anonymous said...

I was Kelley Moko. Am now Kelley Rodgers. I wrote most of the lyrics on that album and played lead guitar.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - thanks for posting!

Richard said...

I'd like to write a story on the band.Can any members or friends pls contact ?