Saturday, January 06, 2007

Houston Fearless - Same (1969)

Reissue on CD of one and only album by this Houston, USA outfit. Some excellent hard rocking stuff here with some beautiful psychedelic touches. Originally released on Imperial records in 1969.

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Anonymous said...

Another Gem. Where do you keep coming up with these priceless blasts from the past.

Again being an ex DJ from the seventies, I'd love to have the song titles.

If anybody can help with it, i'd be much thankful..

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody could show me the tracklistings ? Please!

pascal said...

Again, thanx for this great heavy psych; i have a request, if you have: FRANTIC/ Same (lizard 20103) US 1971.
See you soon Lisa!

Anonymous said...

From FEARLESS Imperial 12421 1969
1.Not Foolin' Me
2.His Eye on the Sparrow
3.Only for You
4.Blue Bones and Ashes
5.Race with the Devil
6.Mr. Soul
7.What are Those Things
8.Knock Knock
10.Love Has a Habit
11.Hold Me

Total Time 35:12

Anonymous said...

help with song titles please!))

zafreth said...

Hello Lisa here alberto
Excelent!!! post!!!
i will down load and hear those albums by niemen.
i only know the mourner rapsody and is really great!!!

SCION said...


Imperial 12421 Stereo
1969 Original USA pressing

Houston Fearless band:

Bill Combest
Bob Wall
Joe Krasomil
Harley Baker

Side One:
Not Foolin’ Me
His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Only For You
Blue Bones and Ashes
Race With The Devil

Side Two:
Mr. Soul (Neil Young)
What Are Those Things
Knock Knock
Love Has a Habit
Hold Me

Joel said...

WOW, this is weird. I Googled Houston Fearless just for the "Halibut" and found this site. I'm Joel Krasomil. I didn't know there was any interest in that album.