Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thorinshield - Same (1968)

The U.S. folk-psych trio Thorinshield have long been cult favorites amongst "sunshine pop" aficionados, but their sole 1968 album has never been available on CD before. A mixture of folk, psychedelia and harmony pop that features dazzling harmonies akin to those being created by Curt Boettcher at the same time, it is presented here complete with two rare non-LP sides, showing the band to be an unfairly-neglected piece of Los Angeles 1960s pop jigsaw.

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Eerowen said...

Thanks for this, Lisa. Here's the track list, which seems to be missing from the tags:

Life Is A Dream
2. Brave New World
3. Wrong, My Friend
4. Here Today
5. Pleasure Time
6. The Best Of It
7. Daydreaming
8. Light That Love Brings
9. Prelude To A Postlude
10. One Girl
11. Collage Of Attitudes
12. Family Of Man
13. Lonely Mountain Again

SCION said...

Thanks for the post, and welcome back Lisa !!

sunshinelotus said...

I tried to unlock the tunes but i got a message that the password was wrong. any ideas. thanks for the tunage

alvaro muñoz said... english is terrible, buy i will a great band the torinshield. I didn't hear they, but i believe who they are a great ban

thanks...recomendable for anybody

arbor said...

thanks for this!