Friday, January 05, 2007

Ezhevika Re-Ups by requests


The following albums have just been reupped according to your request:

Alan Jack Civilization - Bluesy Mind (1969)

Bran - Hedfan (1976) (pre Pererin)

Wooden Horse - Same (1972)

Red Television - Same (1974)

Enjoy! ;)


travis said...

Hi Lisa,

My fiancee's dad just gave me some records for Christmas, but I'm having difficulty finding any info on the bands. Perhaps you have some insight to these records?

Spring - self-titled (from 1971 on Neon Records)

Isaiah (Self-released in Germany 1972)

Dzyan - Electric Science (from 1974 on Bellaphon, out of Germany)


Jessy Joyce


pascal said...

thanx a lot for Alan Jack Civilization
merci, merci beaucoup

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa. Hope your blog will continue forever.


danny said...

welcome back, Lisa
Italian folk music

Sergey said...

Welcome back, Lisa. I love your blog. I'm glad to your returning.
Good Luck!
Sergey from Russia