Monday, March 27, 2006

Alan Jack Civilization - Bluesy Mind (1969)

Rare continental blues LP that sounds like a wilder version of Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation, lots of guitar riffing and doomy vocals that sometimes call Jaklin to mind.



Ras said...

I have heard the name but not the music ,time to remedy that. Gracias a lot Lisa

shreut said...

Wooooow another one I was searching for a looooooooooooong time!
Thanks a lot for all these French stuff!

Anonymous said...

Alors là bravo, je ne pensais pas écouter cet album à nouveau.

Anonymous said...

Harald from Norway says thanx a lot for this one!
Maybe you also have this record?:Jean Pierre Alarcen:"Tableau No.1"

Anonymous said...

Hi, sadly the link doesn't work anymore, I arrived late to your blog, by the way is this their only album?
Do you have a bio for this band?


Anonymous said...

Hi, You can find the bio and the other albums and 45t of Alan Jack Civilization at


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this known in the world. alan Jack was a friend of mind and a really nice guy. RIP alan. Miss you, your laugh and your music.

Anonymous said...

Superbe découverte. Thanks !!