Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gallery - The Wind That Shakes The Barley (1972)

Very rare UK style folk rock, and another privately pressed folk rariety from the mid seventies.( now fetching Ј400.00 on the collectors market) With fine guitar and mandolin work from Steve Morrison this is classic UK '70's hippy folk with a traditional edge. Also includes extra unreleased material from an informal rehearsal in 1969 by the band. Freak Emporium
The track " Queen of Hearts " I believe is incredibly beautiful, essential. For the rest it's a nice folk album.
Bruton Town Newsletter comments on this item :
"It is a beautiful record, released on MIDAS label in 1972. In my research I've found only one of the personnel names, the female voice, Barbara Seabourne. The record title is "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" (Kissing Spell KSCD9503-f) and some of you could instantly remember the Dead Can Dance late version of this beautiful traditional here included. On the KS version there is also a 20 minute bonus track that was recorded in 1969 (so the record notes).
Seems that this MIDAS label pressed also a record from a band named "Folkal Point" and two solo records from a certain Janet Jones.
The Gallery sound is not "acid" folk, but more traditional stuff, well clever done."
"The Gallery album is superb IMO. The label was set up by Alan Green who was also behind the Folk Heritage / Westwood labels. Gallery is phenomenally rare as an original LP (About £1000). Equally as rare is Folkal Point (Even the band only have one copy between them!!) Janet Jones did 2 for the label and both are more common, but excellent" Ian from Ammonite Records
"Actually the members of the band were
Royce Seabourne- Vocals
Barbara Seabourne- Vocals/Dulcimer
Mark Uttley- Violins
Steve Morrison- Guitar
Alan Morrison, Steve Morrison's brother played on many of their records/ performances when Steve was not available- including 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley'." (according to Ché Royce Seabourne)



Anonymous said...

thanks. love these folk-rock-pysche offerings, esp. by groups new to me ... much appreciated and all the best to you.

Ras said...

Fantastic stuff!!! Thx again Lisa

Progger said...

What is the correct password?
I must be doing something wrong ...

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, but I seem to be having some trouble extracting. The password is ""?

wyneken said...

The files posted on this blog have never opened for me. Not even once. There must be something strange about the software used for creating the .rar files.

Whatever the problem it, it seems unique to this blog. Everybody else's files open fine.

It's a shame, because this looks like wonderful music, and blogger is obviously putting a lot of time, energy and love into these offerings.

Lisa Sinder said...

MAC users problems were widely discussed in comments - hopefully this will help:

It seems like the trouble is that the files dont work with the "Stuff it expander" applikation on mac os x.

Instead use the applikation UnRarX (download at ) and it will work.

(dont forget to first write the password before you drag n´drop the file in UnRarX window.

Yes, the problem is not copying the passwords correctly (which everyone seems to be doing) but rather the various unstuffing programs incompatibility with the encrypted files - especially mac osx's apps and older versions of stuffit.

Sorry, guys, this problem was requested, discussed & solved several times here! I simply can't understand why using standard WinRar programm causes so many problems. Hopefully this will solve the problem again.

Sam Stone said...

About the password problem: most people copy and paste, but sometimes a blank is at the beginning of the end is taken within. That just one character too much.
So first check that possibility.

Sam Stone said...

Thanks for sharing this folk-rock album of which I never heard. The description made me very curious, so I'm surely gonna try!

bannermike said...

I downloaded this album the other day without knowing what to expect. Now I have had the chance to play it a few times I think it is one of the best traditional folk albums I have ever heard. thank you so much for sharing.

suedeauess said...

hi, could you please re-upload this album? the link is dead for a long time. :(

much thanks.

Anonymous said...

please help.Link is not working

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