Sunday, March 19, 2006

Byzantium - Live & Studio (1972)

Byzantium were members of the early 70s British psychedelic scene who released three albums between '72 and '73. ' Their debut "Live And Studio" is their most collectable (it was a self produced, limited release), but it is also undoubtedly their best. When trying to describe their sound, other bands of the time like "Man, Help Yourself" come to mind, due to the spacey West Coast vibe featuring long improvised guitar solos and nice vocal harmonies.Track listing Side A: 1. Flashing Silver Hope 2.Cowboy Song 3.Feel It Side B: 1.What A Coincidence 2.Something You Said 3. I Can See You Side C: 1.Morning 2.I´ll Just Take My Time 3.Surely Peace Will Come To Those Who Try Side D: 1.If You Wanna Be My Girl 2.Oh Darling 3.Move With My Time

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Anonymous said...

You've really outdone yourself today!! Especially appreciate Extra Vaganza, but lots to like here. Thanks.

midastouch said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your posts there are some great items among them. I can't find how to send you are direct message so I am contacting you through a comment.
I have set up a blog to distribute late 60s and early 70s Australian music (using rapidshare) ( I would like to add a link to your site and ask that you add a link to mine. I cannot post as regularly as I would like due to long upload times but I expect to make about 5 new postings a week. If you don't mind please leave a comment against one of my posts telling me if you are okay with me linking to your site.

Curved Air said...

Thanks for the share!

after nabbing from others for the last year i've finally decided to contribute back to the sharity community:

just wanted to let you know and say thanks for the shares!

curved air

Lisa Sinder said...

2 midas touch & curved air!

Thank you! you share good music - have linked you!

Anonymous said...

The password does not seem to work for me. Is this correct??

Witchseason said...

Thanks for this - been looking for it for a long time. However this is *not* just the debut album, it also contains three tracks from their 3rd album 'Seasons Changing'. I have posted my vinyl rips of the complete 2nd and 3rd Byzantium albums over at

Alex B said...

Sorry, but Season changing is boring, a creepy trying of beinga mix of pop, psych and soft rock.