Monday, March 27, 2006

Saga De Ragnar Lodbrock - S/T (1979)

Exhumed from the depths of a long forgotten past, SAGA DE RAGNAR LODBROCK is a numerous line-up gathered around the theatrical singer-composer Franзois PROUST and guitarist Patrick ALLIARD. Their aim was to illustrate the conquest of Normandy by the feared Northern men (The Vikings), through an epic fresco, or, said differently, a saga… The music filled with traditional and medieval aspects starts off very classically and gets a little tougher as the battle looms. It will actually be told with a lot of details in a very convincing way that will certainly lead you to think about and actively participate to it in direct. Great names of Progressive rock contributed to this great project, such as the American drummer Kirt RUST (VOLKOR, WEIDORJE), Jean COHEN-SOLAL or Jean-Louis MECHALI. It has to be said that quite a few acoustic songs destined to a theatre adaptation (such as “La Ballade Des Pendus” from Franзois VILLON) of PROUST have been included here…



Dr.Bevan said...

I don't recall I how I found this place ... lovely as it is I have found some things I have been searching for some time now. I am curious to know if you have a copy of Red Dirt ... I do not know the albums name or how many are to the bands name ... The song was on a mix tapes given to me ... called Memories ... any help or direction would be great.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

fantastic album... all your posts are excellent, but from last week, you are choosing special albums.. thanks a lot!!!!

Zen Archer said...

I have downloaded tons of stuff that I had lost the hope of ever finding again!!!

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