Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blues Addicts - Blues Addicts (1970)

1970 album from Danish psychedelic blues-rockers. Similar in feel to early Blue Cheer, Hendrix or Cream this album is heavy. Killer acid guitar riffs power this beast as demonstrated on the stunning ten minute "Hailow". Psycadellic blues from the flower-power age, put together on this CD.Lead figure is vocalist and guitarist Ivan Horn. He later joined C.V. Jørgensen amongst many other "big" Danish bands. Freak Emporium & Karma

Similar to Hurdy Gurdy, Delta Blues Band, Alrune Rod



jp said...

Thank you so very much - you have made my day :))) I can hardly wait to hear this!!

Cheers and I love your blog!!


jp said...

Lisa, I just saw your note on Zebu's great blog at about Mahesha by Three Man Army.

Thank you - I would really appreciate that !!



shreut said...

Thanks a lot, another one I was searching for a while!

jp said...

Thanks again, Lisa. I like this - very 1970 heavy psych (although all that phasing probably goes better with a spliff ;)).


moondog said...

great stuff lisa! must see more!
thank you sooooo much!!

moondog said...

what's the password?
i've tried ten different configs
and nothing works.

Anonymous said...

sorry 'bout that...bad typing

72custom said...

Hello Lisa, is it possible to reupload the blues addicts album pls.?