Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hi Everybody! While preparing new shares would be great to read your opinion on albums posted!

Good Day to You All!



zebu said...

Lisa, your blog is one of the best i've seen around.
I am not much to comment, but i must say i try to check your blog every day, otherwise i guess i would get lost in the middle of the incredible amount of good stuff you're posting.
Keep this fantastic work up, and thx a lot!

60&70 Rock !!!! said...

Well well well, you really want my opinion ??? =)

Ok... Just agree with my oldest friend zebu "the luggage man" !!!


Donno said...

So many good things on your blog that I'm spoilt for choice and have to stop myself downloading everything as I'd never find time to listen to it all.
Keep on keeping on, super job you're doing!!

Anonymous said...

Wally - Wally (Mid 70's UK Prog outfit ala Pink Floyd)

Wally - Valley Gardens (Mid 70's UK Prog outfit ala Pink Floyd)

Mandrake Memorial - Puzzle

Mandrake Memorial - Mandrake Memorial

Troll - Animated Music (Label: Radioactive nr: RRCD064), it's the remastered cd with improved sound.

Human Instinct - Burning Up Years (Label Ascension = for best quality)

Human Instinct - Pins In It (Label Ascension = for best quality)

Ouba - Freak Out Total

Eiliff - Eiliff

Eiliff - Girlrls!

* There's lots more than this but you can't find everything, you're a human too for christ sake :b *

*** Would be super if it's Cd-rips and 192 in bitrate or higher. ***

*** Would be nice of you if you could type in the album description text that it's cd or vinyl.

Thanks alot Lisa



Anonymous said...

Wait, forgot one ;)

Bump - Bump (1970, US)

/Just that Jonny dude again

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lisa

Think I read it too fast ;)

I mean this is where we talk about the albums we're downloading here, I thought we could ask you about albums for uploading here.

Sorry, my fault.

I can without any doubts say that your blog is up there in my Top 3 list.

I don't remember how I found this place but I'm damn glad I did.

I have some of the albums already, I'm a collector so have some thousands but some of these was new to me.

Some of them I've downloaded so far: Gile's Farnaby's Dream Band, both Galliard albums, Fragile, Pirana.

I've heard Galliard before and I own both Piran on vinyls but the other two was new to me.

Thanks alot Lisa :)